Making a Spiritual Altar










Creating an altar in the home serves as a focus for meditation and anchors spiritual energies. The altar – alters energy which is out of harmony with peace and love. The altar radiates the higher frequencies which are experienced there in that space, and over time spiritual inspiration ay be immediately felt in that space. The altar is the space where comfort may be found. The burdens of life are released at the altar through the heart and peace soon comes to the soul. The connection to the Divine One is found at the altar in a very personal experience, of peace and serenity.

Steps for Making the Altar

1. Clearing Space

It is important to clear and consecrate the dedicated area of your home for the altar. The space may be a room, a corner, a table, or the shelf of a bookcase which will be only used for this spiritual purpose. The space for the altar is then dedicated to the energy of spirit. This altar will provide inspiration for creating the time within life, for meditation and prayer. Prepare the space by cleaning it and chanting Om throughout the space. Burning sage or incense helps to clear and change the energy of the area. An altar cloth is a very nice accent which should be placed with reverence. Create the location for your altar with a feeling of ceremony.

2. Theme

There are different reasons that altars are created. The altar can be multi-purpose such as creating an altar for a healing focus with the color of green; placing crystals, gems, rocks, flowers, and plants from nature. Images may be placed on the altar such as saints and yogi masters. Symbols may be placed on the altar such as Om. Altars can be decorated according to the season, and dedicated to symbols of spring or winter; using the elements from that time of year. The altar may reflect one or more spiritual traditions which represent devotion of the heart and soul. The altar may reflect a particular religion such as Hindu, with a statue of Ganesh and some marigolds. If Kundalini Yoga is the path of life; then placing a symbol of the Serpent (Naga) in the center of the altar may be desired. It is good to include things on the altar which represent spiritual understanding and teaching.

3. Selecting Items

Great care and consideration is part of choosing items for the altar. Items which have been found in life will connect the memory to that particular time. Items from nature which are found on a walk with a family member or with your beloved are especially nice to place on the personal altar. A statue of a beautiful goddess such as Lakshmi or Saraswati, images of masters, photos which inspire, candles, and flowers are examples of what might go on the altar. The personal altar is unique.

4. Arrangement

Arranging items on the altar need to be placed in such a way that they can be cleaned or dusted. The wall above the altar is a perfect place to hang a spiritual painting or several framed pictures of masters and angels. Choosing to place pictures of the chakras is a great focus. These could be placed in a line on the wall corresponding to the chakras. You may want to just have a picture of one chakra in the center of the altar for the purpose of focusing on that chakra for healing. Items on the altar may be placed in any way, in a line, circular, or wherever the items look the best to you. When placing things on the altar, place them with good intention, and you might want to say a prayer as you do this to anchor the energy for love or healing. Each item arranged on the altar represents the spiritual realm and the Great Spirit. The altar is arranged so that you feel pleased with it and feel the power of the sacred space.

5. Maintenance

The altar will need to be kept clean. The lighting is usually softer in the altar space, so it is important to check the area and clean it when needed. During and after cleaning the sacred space, reverence should be felt. The altar cloth, framed images or photos, feathers, and crystals all need to be cleaned or dusted. The altar space needs to be kept free of clutter. It is important that items that don’t belong on the altar don’t end up there such as cups, keys, mail, or notes. The energy in this sacred space can be kept clean by burning sage or incense and chanting Om. Dedicating the altar space to the spirit of God/Goddess is a powerful way to maintain the spiritual energy there and inside of you. If you are neglecting your altar, you will wonder if you are neglecting your spiritual consciousness inside of you.

Once the spiritual altar has been created, it is a wonderful experience to be in that sacred space. Placing fresh flowers on this personal altar will add to it’s beauty. Begin to use your altar by lighting candles on the altar with dedication of your energies to God/Goddess. Then sit down and enter into the peaceful state of meditation. ~ Om

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