The Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path

It has been said that the spiritual path is a rocky road. This is very true. It is also true that looking for the marks others have made on their upward journey will help you along the way. The journey along the spiritual path without a guide leads to spiritual blindness and an overconfident ego. It is best to walk the middle of the road, and to be centered in your true Self awareness. This means to understand and be able to move through the dualities of this world. There are many potholes along the path that souls may fall into. They then discover, that in order to climb back out, they must retrace their steps and face that same test again.

The best path to proceed with, is the one that you are connected to through your heart. The heart and mind will respond to the most uplifting opportunity in every turn and challenge on the path. So, listen to your heart and to the call of your soul to come home to Om. The soul already knows God and is a part of God. The soul is perfect. Walking the path is about soul discovery which leads to the identification of who you really are. Begin, by asking yourself the question, “Who am I?”

Follow your own heart to self-mastery, and your soul will awaken to it’s true identity and unique destiny. You will arrive at the feet of your own personal Guru, who is the reflection of your inner Divinity. The relationship between the devotee and the Guru is bonded in sacred trust in devotion to God. The Guru/Chela relationship is Divine Love that is everlasting. The word Guru is a Sanskrit word that means: “Gu” which is the darkness, and “Ru” which is the Light.

The Guru acts as a mediator between you and your dark consciousness until you are strong enough on the path to begin purifying and transmuting your own dross consciousness and misuse of energy. Along this path of Self-realization, you will discover treasures along the way. You will realize that your inner true Self is your Guru; Gee You Are You. You will be given assistance from many Gurus and Angels, here in the physical body, and also in the more subtle bodies of Light.

While resting your physical body in the sleeping state, it is possible to visit with people that you know in your life, and also to visit with your departed loved ones in the astral realm; where there are different levels. To remember these experiences, it helps to practice meditation, which quickens the super-conscious mind.

You may have met people who maintain that nobody has the right to tell them what to do, as they themselves know it better. These are merely souls that have been chased into the darkest of blind alleys and become led astray off spiritual development. Stepping onto the path of Self-realization means to rise above the ego which identifies itself with human consciousness rather than the Divine consciousness of the higher Self. Surrendering the little self; the ego, is the first challenge to take the first step on the spiritual path. Learning self forgiveness and forgiving others soon becomes one of the first challenges, along with true Self-worth.

The practice of Shaktiananda Yoga and studying the Shala Lessons will build a strong foundation for your spiritual growth. Daily practice and study is all you need to do. Soon, your life will be transformed with higher awareness, increased will power, and a stronger connection to your true Self.

God has given us one religion, which is Love. The word religion means “to realize”. It is man who has divided it into this religion and that religion. Make your religion the experience of realizing the real from the unreal; the inner true-Self over the little self; the ego. Devotion to God eventually brings all souls to the same source, the One God.

By ~Gurudevi Ma,

Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda

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