Purpose of the Altar

The altar is the perfect place for the practice of affirmations, mantras, japa, chants, and prayers. The room or area for the altar holds sacred vibrations of communion with God, Masters, Angels, Elementals and your inner Self. Lighting the altar candle/s and offering incense can have the effect of quieting the mind in the midst of a busy day. The altar helps the mind to concentrate on a focus, feel peaceful and enter into a deep state of meditation on the inner Divine Self. The altar assists in altering human consciousness into the inner Divine consciousness.

Making the altar beautiful and joyful with flowers and incense encourages looking up within the concerns of everyday life. Let the altar be as elaborate or as simple as is appropriate to your circumstances.

The elements of an altar may be from nature such as gem stones, crystals, flowers, plants, one or more candles, a water offering cup, and an incense bowl or holder or other decorative objects.

Placing pictures of great masters on the altar are focuses of their energy and presence. They are a reminder of the stillness found within meditation. You may want to have devotional pictures of your personal Guru and the Masters; Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Buddha. Spiritual Art such as the ‘I Am Presence’, Elohim Cyclopea, Angels, Ascended and Unascended Masters, Yogis and Yoginis, and your personal Guru. ~ Om


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