Web Links


  • Glossaries: Below are links to explanations in several online Glossaries and Encyclopedias from authoritative sites. These are thorough enough that I see no need for me to create a new glossary here on the gurudevi.com website. These are links to other websites and will open new browser windows.


Divine Life Society (dlhshq.org)
Sivananda (sivananda.org)
Shiva Shakti Mandalam
Himalayan Academy
Vedanta Society of Southern California
Self Discovery Portal (selfdiscoveryportal.com)
Prajapati Vishva Ashram


Search gurudevi.com: The search box on the Home Page helps to find the words or terms which are used in context within articles on the gurudevi.com site. The Google box is set to default to links only on this site.


Google “define” search: Google also has a very helpful service of linking to definitions from many sources. You’ll have to assess for yourself which of the many definitions are more or less accurate. All you have to do is type in “define:” followed by the word. For example, in the Google box type in the following and watch what happens: define:yoga, define:vedanta, or define:tantra.


Wikipedia: Many terms are in the well-known site Wikipedia.com. The unique feature of Wikipedia is that it allows visitors to edit the definitions. The link shown here is directly to the page describing Wikepedia and its strengths and weaknesses. The search box is in the left column. It can provide some very interesting discussions of some terms.